Arteg BV is a young professional partner for premium industrial cleaners and conditioners for the Water Treatment Industry. A specialist producer and supplier of cleaning products and anti-scalants for Reverse Osmosis, Nano- and Ultrafiltration ; additives for Industrial Water Treatment. A complete line of products available as Private Label products for professionals in the industry.

Founded by its Managing Director, Chemical Engineer Hans de Kruijff, arteg BV has -with his over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry-  a profound technical and chemical basis to the Company’s products and services; operating in close contact with market partners to develop and innovate products. Surrounded by a dedicated and experienced team of experts, arteg BV is operating from the Netherlands with production and logistic sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Product Portfolio of arteg BV contain a full range of liquid and powdered Membrane Cleaners and Anti-scalants. Developed and produced under a 'home brand name' : MembraCare; however the products find their way to the industry under Private Label of professionals in Water Treatment. Products are composed under our suggested formulas or under customer's formula. 

The home brand cleaning products formulations are proprietary, membrane compatible cleaners and provide cost-effective and efficient removal of all common foulants. They are powerful against organic and inorganic foulants and compatible with all types of membranes. A range of Anti-scalants, help to inhibit scaling while also dispersing colloidal particles. These properties help to extend system run times and to reduce cleaning frequency and increase the operational life of RO, NF and UF elements. All products and documents comply to the REACh regulations and to a Quality Management System.

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